Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Left Bank Antiques on Monday Afternoon

I arrived late again, and all the sketchers were engrossed in sweet spaces in the Wonder Emporium of Left Banks.  Because I teach until 3:15 - 3:30, the Anacortes Sketchers are halfway through their sketch time.   So much to sketch and so little time! 

The Anacortes Sketchers are really doing some wonderful work.  Don't you agree? (Dee Doyle)

Another in Jude Middleton's boot and shoe series!

Jude Middleton

Roses Are Red by Missy Walsh-Smith

An elegant table with fruit basket and bowl by Missy Walsh-Smith

Chinese slipppers by Judy Cole
Another one of the Chinese children's slippers by Judy Cole

A beehive basket from France by Judy Cole

Jane Brodie's cane seated chair

Sketch by Left Bank Antiques proprietor, Donna Radtke, and wonderful pastel and oil painter in her own right.  Donna's paintings are shown all over Anacortes
My "late" entry of a shutter topped by a straw garden hat by Dee Doyle
An enameled coffee pot and a tureen with a basket full of wine bottles by Dee Doyle

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