Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ASk Goes Island Hopping

On Monday, a dozen intrepid sketchers boarded the six-minute ferry to Guemes Island to sketch!  Well, actually ten of us took the ferry to meet two island residents to sketch and paint.  After a time at Anderson's Grocery, sketching and painting a friend of some of the women and her horse, Mac, who was not the best of models, but a terrific steed, indeed.

The group migrated to Chris' magnificent home up the road from the ferry, tucked in a sweet nook of paradise.  Chris' gardens [plural] were breathtaking, and a great example of how one can really grow their own produce.  Beautiful plants all!

Once we toured the property inside and out, we perched on the deck for some sketching, wine and nibblies.  And of course, lot of chatter!  Am sure everyone there could tell their own stories of the day, but I am here to load  the sketches onto the blog!  Here they are!

Wheelbarrow and Tree ~ Melissa Van Ness
Hostess Chris ~ Dee Doyle

Clematis ~ Jude Middleton

 Nosegay on table ~ Missy Walsh-Smith
Deck Pansies ~ Kalena Wolf 
Max ~ Tricia Culina
Clematis ~ Joyce Paradine
Hostess Chris ~ Tricia Culina
Hanging basket ~ Nancy Vogel
Mac at Anderson's and some clematis ~ Kalena Wolf
Table nosegay ~ Janice Veal
Max and Barbara [?] ~ Missy Walsh-Smith

All the horses ... 

Max and Barbara [?] ~ Nancy Vogel

Fun was had by all ... a good day!  Thanks to Chris and Jan for chauffering all of us back to the ferry!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guemes Ferry Dock and Causland Park

Missy Walsh-Smith and Jude Middleton ... Joyce Paradine and Judy Cole in the background

Joyce Paradine and Judy Cole

Melissa Van Ness does terrific work in a 9 x 12 sketch book!

Anacortes Sketchers have been spending more time outside and less time tending to the blog.  It is what it is!  Intrepid sketchers were out on Memorial Day and last Monday afternoons, both glorious days! 

?'s Memorial Day sketch from Causland Park