Saturday, October 20, 2012

That's It, Folks- Jude

2012-10-15 Left Bank Antiques
2012-10-7 Gordon's Pumpkin Patch
2012-10-3 Gourds
2012-9-17 Grandview Cemetery
 2012-9 Hedlin's Farm Dahlias

Almost done posting- Jude

2012-9-6 Fuchsia
2012-9-2 Grandview Cemetery
2012-9 Hedlin's Sunflower
2012-8-31 Oregon Grape
2012-8-8 Fuchsia
2012-8-6 North of Sue Ferris House

More of Jude's Posts

2012-6-24 Poppy Pod
2012-8-6 Line
2012-6-25 LaConner Flats

2012-6-20 Primrose on Summer Solstice
2012-6-6 Poppy

Jude's Posts

2012-6-4 Sunset Beach Water Soluble Pen
2012-6-4 Sunset Beach
2012-6-3 Eucalyptus
2012-5-31 House Plant
2012-6-2 Oregon Grape

Postings by Jude

2012-5-25 Geraniums
2012-5-14 Subalpine
2012-5-7 Oak-Leaved Maple Trunks
2012-5-3 Oak-Leaved Maple
2012-5-2 Apple Blossom

More Postings by Jude

2012-4-18 Lichen Barn
2012-4-18 Jade
2012-4-15 Rhody
2012-4-13 Sword Ferns
2011-12-4 Death of a Sunflower

Catching Up on Posting by Jude

2012-4-9 Rexville Store
2012-3-19 Peppers

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sketches by Kalena

Kalena sketched the teapot and apple at Left Bank Antiques yesterday, and the truck at Gordon's Farm.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sketching at Gordon's

It was a perfect fall day at Gordon's Skagit Farm yesterday!  We had a huge turnout of sketchers including Lisbeth from WISk.  I hope others post their work!

Sketch by Missy