Monday, July 28, 2014

Anacortes Sketchers with Whidbey Island Sketchers today

The Anacortes sketchers and Whidbey Island Sketchers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon sketching together at the Lavender Wind Farm outside Coupeville today. It was the best possible weather and the most stunning location. So much from which to choose: the shop, with its copper still, the gardens of cut flowers, the maze garden, wreath makers, lavender cutters, visitors touring the garden, the artists at work, the drying room, the koi pond, the panoramic views....!
The driftwood sculpture says it all - JOY!
Whidbey/ASk Sketchers, Sue, Janice, and Julie - Norma made wreaths for the shop at the work table outside

Lisbeth, Missy, Michele, Janice, Sue - sharing our work.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bay View Sketch Crawl

                                           View from the Interpretive Center in Bay View

                                                                   Epp's Garden

Sketches by Michele

Bay View Sketch Crawl

Sketch by Joyce

Bay View Sketch Crawl

                                                Sketch from the Interpretive Center..Bay View

                                               Garden Sketches from the Epp's Garden..

Sketches by Missy

Bay View Sketch Crawl

A close-up of Pat's oil painting.  I was messing around with editing and lost the original (sorry!).  I love his colors and how it shows the brushstrokes.

Bay View Sketch Crawl

                                                                  Sketches by Jude

Bay View Sketch Crawl

Sketch by Kalena

As Michele said in the previous post, we had a fun day at the Bay View Sketchcrawl.  Thanks to Edna's Neighbors for planning this.  We started out sketching the beautiful meadow view at the Padilla Bay Interpretive Center and then went to Ed and Mary Epps's fantastic garden..

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sketch Crawl in Bay View

The First Annual Bay View Sketch Crawl took place this afternoon. Members of Anacortes Sketchers were invited as well as any others who wished to participate. Artists of all ages worked from 1-4pm in the vicinity of the Padilla Bay  Interpretive Center and Bay View. ASk sketchers found a meadow in which to set up for a while. Sketch 1 by Kalena and sketch 3 by Missy.
Next, we visited a stunning garden in Bay View owned by Ed and Mary. It would take a lifetime to do it justice, but sketchers from ASk as well as others spent the rest of the afternoon there.

Sketch 2 above by Jude....see her working on it up close in the second collage, top right.

Sketch of poppies and haiku by Michele Cooper.
Bonnie and Missy are next to the umbrella.
An other-worldly view of an opening poppy with cabbage under it.

There were so many wonderful sketches, drawings, journal pages and more. I do hope others will post theirs as well.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cap Sante Marina

We spent a sunny afternoon sketching at Cap Sante Marina.  The Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain tall ships were docked which caught Michele's eye.  She later finished this sketch which can be seen on her blog: Michele's NW Studio.  Check it out!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Port Townsend

                                Another great summer sketch spot...Port Townsend, Washington
 The James and Hastings Building.  I'm sure this sketch would drive architects crazy!! Oh well, I'm trying to look at shapes!
We had a some time before catching the ferry to enjoy this the raspberry ice cream soda!  Thank you, Michele Cooper!

June 2014
Sketches by Missy

Great Sketching Afternoon in Conway

The sun was out and after an outdoor lunch at the Conway Pub, we took to the streets.  Storefronts, antique stores, and more.....

June 2014
Sketch by Missy