Tuesday, July 28, 2015


It was such a treat to sketch at TerraBella and to meet our lovely and fun hosts, Caroline and Loren.  Everywhere you looked there was something interesting to sketch. Such a beautiful place! We will look forward to returning in the fall!

Sketch by Missy
July 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

LaConner and the New Boardwalk

There was a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 23rd at the Washington Street-end to celebrate the completion of the La Conner Boardwalk. Today, the Anacortes Sketchers went there to sketch and explore.
LaConner has always been an inspiring place to paint: quaint shops, the "rainbow bridge", fishing vessels and the boardwalk. I have been going there for decades to shop, sketch and browse. Previously, the boardwalk consisted of the extended decks from some of the shops and a small wooden landing or two with public access. But now, a major facelift has taken place all along a substantial part of the waterfront.
I have to go back! Because, instead of sketching the boardwalk itself, I blithely used it to provide greater access to views across the channel!
Fish processing shed across the channel. Sketch by Michele Cooper

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More from TerraBella

When we shared our sketches yesterday, I had one more in the middle of my sketchbook. One of the buildings is called "Nest". It's exclusively for the bride and her party. A quiet place for them to rest before the ceremony.
Steps leading up to the porch and what I discovered in "Nest"

I didn't post this one yesterday because I had an idea!
Two reasons I didn't post my pencil sketch from yesterday:
  1. I had an idea! I thought I might have fun using my watercolor pencils (which were at home) and couldn't wait to try them on this subject.....it's so curvilinear!
  2. It was only a scribble of a pencil sketch and needed color. (Besides, I got an extra 15 minutes from the sketchers before we shared our work and I had to choose. I decided to finish the color on the Airstream.)

Nest Eggs-Original watercolor by Michele Cooper

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bella, Bella, Bellisima!

Words cannot describe it! Anacortes Sketchers were invited to visit TerraBella in the countryside of Conway, WA, this afternoon. This delightful wedding venue has a garden and properties cared for by the equally delightful owners, Caroline and Loren. I took 79 actual photos and double that in mental images that I will never forget.
There is something charming through every vista and around every corner, including the owner, Caroline.
All this is enjoyed by the owners, of course, but intended as the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. I imagine those married here this summer are pinching themselves to make sure they haven't just been dreaming.
I sketched an entire two page spread in the last pages of my panoramic sketchbook. To see them better, I scanned them into separate sections. (Visit my blog to see the way it looks in full spread.)
These are the separate compositions:
The Airstream sits behind the flower bed, door and windows open in the breeze.
Fresh linens drying in the summer sun.
Thank you so much, Caroline and Loren, for a most wonderful midsummer day's dream.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sketching at Alexander Beach

It was the perfect summer day.  Some chose to sketch in the shade at Cheri's hillside house.  Others sketched on the beach.  The picturesque sandy beach stretched to green rocky cliffs on each side.  What a spot!!

Sketch by Missy
July 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Late Post, Tea at Aleli's

Since I missed out on sketching with the Anacortes sketchers today, I thought I would finish up a sketch from a previous meet up. It's one of my longest procrastinations ever! All the way back to May 18, to be exact!

The occasion was one of my favorites: we met at Aleli's house for sketching and a fabulous tea party. She made lovely tea sandwiches, with the crusts trimmed and everything. We had flower tea, wine, all sorts of treats, and then she said we could take home the cup that we sketched.

While sipping, munching and listening to half a dozen conversations, I had been languishing with my pen, sketching the cover of a book about tea by Mary Engelbreit (of "Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies" fame). I dropped THAT project like a hot scone when I realized I didn't even have a sketch of my favorite teacup! I quickly got enough of a sketch done to qualify for the prize of taking my cup home. Whew! But I barely had any color on sketches of anything else except for the sandwiches and three grapes.
I finally finished the color on this one today!
So that's where the "tea-dious" bit comes in. Mary E., I love your work and respect your talent, but all those tiny details, dits, dots, cups, flowers and bees everywhere! That cover for your book about tea must have taken ages! It certainly did for me! And I fudged a bit.....no need to worry about copyright infringement here!

PS Sorry I missed today, sketchers. As you see, I was with you in spirit!


 Sketch of the dock in Coupeville.
Sketch of the view from the deck at Captain Whidbey's.

Penn Cove mussels to eat at both locations!  

Sketches by Missy
June  July 2015

Yellow Building in Coupeville

Yellow Building in Coupeville, photo by Jill McDougall


Coupeville is always a delightful little town to visit.  Penn Cove mussels are my first choice of menu items!    Missy and I chose to paint the building on the pier.  Lots of barnacled pilings supporting the dock and building!!  

Sketch by Janice
July 2015

Janice's Sketches from Lovric's

 Lovric's can be overwhelming with all the boats, buildings, and activity.  I decided to paint this huge old processor.  I just go the bow and part of the cabin.
When I was sketching the wheelhouse of the orange and white workboat, I was saving the Guemes shoreline for last.  Then this huge barge came in with the crew yelling commands at each other to land the boat.  So much for Guemes' shoreline in the background!!

Sketches by Janice
June and July 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Boats

We are lucky to have Cap Sante Marina at four doorstop.  I am practicing drawing boats which always seems to be a challenge!!

Sketches by Missy
June/July 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Boat Practice at Lovric's

We are so lucky to be able to sketch at Lovric's Sea Craft in Anacortes.  It is a working marina full of activity.  We have watched tankers being pulled in and docked, and sign painters painting names on boats.  I'm looking forward to returning next week!

Sketches by Missy
June and July, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sketching Coupeville with ASk

Flowers on the porch at Seaside Spa, empty wine bottle/mussel shells from dinner, Aqua Gifts on Front Street
I can remain standing on the sidewalk while I sketch and paint.
I drove around the long way (about 70 miles one way) to meet up with The Anacortes sketchers today. It was the day after the Fourth of July weekend and there was an unusually large amount of traffic all the way from Marysville to my destination.

You drive around Penn Cove, famous for the freshest mussels anywhere, and come to Coupeville, this great little village with flowers on every doorstep and cool sea breezes mixing with delicious aromas from the waterfront bars and bistros.
Once I got there, I had to spend a little more time looking for parking since the town was also unusually busy. I finally settled on this spot in the shade on a side street, with a view of "Aqua Gifts" on the east end of Front Street. Couldn't wait to get started sketching with my Micron pen and my Pentalic Aqua Journal. I added watercolor with my Van Gogh kit.
There were sketchers all along the waterfront and even up the hill a block or two. Everyone enjoyed their own way of exploring the town, sketching, visiting, shopping, etc. At the end of the day, some of us went into Toby's for a cold drink and fresh Penn Cove Mussels. I got a pound of fresh mussels to take home and steam for dinner tonight. They turned out great!

Coupeville Plein Air

Coupeville plein air 

Sketch by Kathy
July 2015