Friday, November 6, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Sketching at Lovrics: My Summer Job by Sally Foster

I've always wanted to sketch at Lovrics Marina and I was thrilled with the opportunity to do so this summer.  Every Wednesday morning I eagerly arrived to see what new was happening and I was never disappointed!  Each week there were new boats both at the docks and on the hard and new projects underway.  I filled a sketchbook and could have kept going!
I learned that the La Merced, used as the breakwater, once hauled canned salmon from Bristol Bay to Anacortes.

 On my first trip to Lovrics I found the Tugugly and sat on the dock to sketch her.  When I finished I stood up and saw an even better view that included her waterline so I did another sketch!
 When my cousin Bruce, also an artist, came to visit, I took him with me to Lovrics.  Alice was his aunt and my grandmother so I couldn't resist sketching the Alice tied to the dock.
 The funnel on the left was used to grind sardines into fish meal before Lovrics bought the property.

 Exploring further one day I found this wooden sailboat on one of the smaller docks.

 Besides boats there were a lot of older trucks and machinery scattered around the property.
 Over the summer I saw many of same workers and thought I would include some of them.
 One morning my "find" was this barge totally loaded with stuff.

 Someone brought in half a boat on a trailer and was working on it.  It takes a lot of paint to paint a big boat!
 This fantail-era boat appeared in late summer.  It has a huge hole in it just above waterline.
I saved the party barge that we found one day for last and put Mt. Baker behind it for fun.