Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sketches From The Quarantine

Bonnie's Daffodils
Sketch by Joyce
Sketch by Missy
Alpine Glow on Baker and Green Salal for St. Patrick's Day
Tulip Field Sketch by Anne
Anne's Daffodils
Mary's Quarantine Sketch from 3-18
Pages from Mary's Sketchbook

Monday, March 16, 2020

From My Window

From My Window-Sketch by Missy
Out The Window- Sketch by Bonnie
Out My Window To The Garden
With Pig and Mermaid
Sketch by Bonnie
Out My Window-Sketch By Joyce
Abstract By Kalena
Another View From Window
Sketch by Missy
Sketch by Nancy
From Joyce's Window
Sunrise From My Window-Sketch by Anne    3-16-20
View From The Window- Similk Beach
Sketch by Joan  3-15-20

Padilla Bay Outside My Window
Sketch by Melissa

Sketching at home~