Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Left Bank Antiques on Monday Afternoon

I arrived late again, and all the sketchers were engrossed in sweet spaces in the Wonder Emporium of Left Banks.  Because I teach until 3:15 - 3:30, the Anacortes Sketchers are halfway through their sketch time.   So much to sketch and so little time! 

The Anacortes Sketchers are really doing some wonderful work.  Don't you agree? (Dee Doyle)

Another in Jude Middleton's boot and shoe series!

Jude Middleton

Roses Are Red by Missy Walsh-Smith

An elegant table with fruit basket and bowl by Missy Walsh-Smith

Chinese slipppers by Judy Cole
Another one of the Chinese children's slippers by Judy Cole

A beehive basket from France by Judy Cole

Jane Brodie's cane seated chair

Sketch by Left Bank Antiques proprietor, Donna Radtke, and wonderful pastel and oil painter in her own right.  Donna's paintings are shown all over Anacortes
My "late" entry of a shutter topped by a straw garden hat by Dee Doyle
An enameled coffee pot and a tureen with a basket full of wine bottles by Dee Doyle

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sketching in Langley by visiting Seattle Sketcher, Robin!

Robin's Sketch of Sketchers
A few of us went down to Langley last Wednesday to join WISk. Missy's friend, Robin K. Robbin, came up from Seattle. We sketched outside in the sun at the Commons Coffeehouse. What a great day!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Left Bank Antiques

by Missy Walsh-Smith

I put a wash on the suitcases and think they look a little better. by Missy Walsh-Smith

Monday, March 21, 2011

ASk Sketchers at Left Bank Antiques

If you haven't been to Left Bank Antiques in Anacortes, make a point to stop in. What a treasure! In fact, what a treasure trove. Every nook and cranny chock full of good stuff, to buy and to sketch. The gracious proprietor, Donna Radke, hosted the Anacortes Sketchers today, and we enjoyed ourselves so much, it was hard to leave at closing time!

Left Bank Antiques Children's Boots by Jude Middleton

Aleli  Howell~ Left Bank Antiques

Judy Cole ~ Left Bank Antiques

Missy Walsh-Smith~ Left Bank Antiques

NancyVogel ~ Left Bank Antiques

Aleli  Howell~ Left Bank Antiques

Left Bank Antique Suitcases by Jude Middleton

Can you guess where the "party" started? There were chairs close by to sit on, some sunlight and this stack of leather luggage was in a "sweet spot."

I, on the other hand, had been working, and arrived late, so got just under an hour in to sketch. Had to hurry to join the party, and found a little watering can on the edge of the luggage setting. It was great fun, and we loved Left Bank Antiques. Donna served tea, and, as an artist of merit herself, she enjoyed seeing our sketches, which pleased us, because we would love to go back to Left Bank Antiques! See you there? (Dee Doyle)

Dee Doyle~ Left Bank Antiques

Dee Doyle~ Left Bank Antiques 

Recent Sketches from ASk Sketchers

Aleli Howell ~ Keystone Building

Aleli Howell~ Compass Rose

Aleli Howell ~ Marine Hardware

Aleli Howell~ Marine Hardware

Marine Hardware Boots by Jude Middleeton

Marine Hardware Lamp by Jude Middleton
Dee Doyle~ Gere-a-Deli  
Dee Doyle~~ Gere-a-Deli

Dee Doyle ~ Gere-a-Deli
Missy asked for more entries.  We're working on it.  Today, several of us got together, and I was able to photograph recent works of a few of the "charter" bunch of sketchers, and add a few of my own from Presidents' Day.  We're about caught up now. (Dee Doyle)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Missy's on a roll!

by Missy Walsh-Smith

by Missy Wash-Smith
by Missy Walsh-Smith

by Missy Walsh-Smith

Missy has now broken the code on how to do jpgs, so she's on a roll! It's great, because she has been doing some wonderful work! Pretty soon, she will be writing her own text and uploading more great stuff! (Dee Doyle)

ASk Maiden Voyage Into Blogosphere

A small band of sketchers in Anacortes, Washington have been meeting and sketching for only a short time, but have a great deal of enthusiasm and energy .  We want you to know about us!  Several of us have sketched with other groups, on our own and now feel that it's a good idea to become a member of the huge virtual community of sketchers worldwide.  Oh, truly, we are humble and intend to share what we do, but also intend to learn from others in the blogosphere.  At this point, although we have much to learn, we are up and running, sketch books, paintboxes and pens in hand.  Please start following us, stop by occasionally, and look for us visiting your sites.

For a start, Missy Walsh-Smith is sharing a few sketches done recently at local pub Brown Lantern, Gere-a-Deli, an active local lunch place, and today, at the Anacortes Public Library.  (Dee Doyle)

JoAnne and Yvonne watching a Janet Rogers DVD by Missy Walsh-Smith

At the Brown Lantern Pub in Anacortes' Old Town with the locals by Missy Walsh-Smith

Lunch time at Gere-a-Deli's by Missy Walsh-Smith