Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hedlins Sunflowers

Complete heresy!  I showed up at the sketching location, Hedlins Family Farm at the circle in La Conner, and I  ... took pictures!  I didn't stay to sketch, but certainly enjoyed seeing everyone, and taking photos to use in my studio and my classes for winter painting.

The images I chose to show here were chosen especially so *I* [or anyone else] could see the tilt of the blossoms and how the ellipses would change when painting them.  Also, the values are interesting as well as the strong afternoon light on the sunflowers.  Loved the size of the leaves as well! 

So, for those that didn't bring their cameras, here are a few images to use when you can't go outside to sketch!  Sorry  I couldn't stay, but it looked as those who were there were really capturing the moment!

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