Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot Summer Afternoon in Edison

Lisbeth, Jude, Jane, Kalena, Aleli - Michele & Missy in front
With temperatures soaring into the high 90's elsewhere, the Anacortes sketchers lounged in the shade in Edison this afternoon. It was a refreshing 84°F, in the shade. My car made it to 100°F where it was parked on Cains Ct near "Hedgerow".
Jane and Lisbeth sketching in a high traffic area of Edison. (Pop. 110)
Some of the sketchers found a welcome umbrella table out back of the Longhorn Saloon & Grill with a (low) tidal view southwards down Edison Slough. That's where we shared our sketches and got our group photo. (Click images to zoom larger)
The bakery that Jane was sketching from across the street. 

Some of Edison's renowned restaurants were closed on Monday, but not the Breadfarm Bakery, where I bought a wonderful loaf of ciabatta bread, warm from the oven. (My husband and I enjoyed thick slices of it with brie, olives and cold prawns for dinner. Yumm!)

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  1. I must have been completely into my "right brain" when I wrote and posted this because I found several typos to correct today. The most glaring one was misspelling Lisbeth Cort's name everywhere.

    Everyone graciously let it slide, especially Lisbeth. Thank you for allowing me to find it and correct it. Please let me know if I missed anything. :)