Monday, September 8, 2014


Once more the Anacortes Sketchers enjoyed an unbelievably beautiful day surrounded by nature's most fantastic marine landscape. Washington is called the Evergreen State for a reason. Who else can say that this is what one has as the choice of subject on a Monday in early September?
Some sketchers stayed at this vantage point, some went down to the beach, or the lower picnic area, or way up on the top of the bluff.
Maiden of Deception Pass overlooks the same views as ASk.
If you look into the left background of the photo above, you will see The Maiden of Deception Pass story pole. It is located on Rosario Beach in the north section of the park. It depicts a story of the Samish Indian Nation. Read the tale as told by Charlie Edwards to Martin Sampson, 1938.
---This is not a totem pole. Totem poles were created by people of the more northerly Pacific coast, such as the Haida and Tligit of British Columbia and Alaska. A totem pole is a record of lineage and family history.
-----Here, in the Puget Sound and Georgia Strait region, Coast Salish people carved or painted doorways and large cedar posts of their houses, and sometimes to mark graves. The designs tell a story, often how the builder became wealthy.
-----This pole, under the guidance of Fidalgo artist Tracy Powell, was raised by the Samish people in 1983. It's purpose is to honor their people and maintain a tradition important to the families.

A seagull circled our display two or three times, but decided to confer with his wife back at the nest before selecting something to add to his collection.
Here are a few of the sketches shared at the end of the afternoon.


  1. Thanks for posting all these pics, Michele! What a great afternoon!

    1. You're welcome, Missy. Yes, a wonderful day with ASk.