Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Afternoon at Schuh Farms

Gravel crunched underfoot as I opened my car door, a cow mooed and giant sunflowers peeked over the top of a ripe cornfield across the street. I had arrived to meet Anacortes sketchers at Schuh Farms this afternoon. Now THIS is summertime in Skagit Valley!
Sunflowers and corn grow across the street as they make fresh peach milkshakes at the coffee stand.
Animal, Vegetable or mineral? Take your pick
And here we are with our sketches!

We had our pick of subject matter:

 1) Fresh fruit and flowers, farm tools, antiques, 2) outdoor subjects like the Radio Flyer made into a planter, 3) One of my classroom models showed up with a "Welcome" sign, 4) "The Kid" and his dog drift around the back corner with a fresh load of dill as Janice simply sketches on.

I was standing in the shade across the parking lot, sketching, taking photos and occasionally dodging cars as they backed out.

  Fresh Peach milkshakes, anyone?

Sketcher chics admiring the hens.
My two page spread for the afternoon

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