Monday, March 21, 2011

ASk Sketchers at Left Bank Antiques

If you haven't been to Left Bank Antiques in Anacortes, make a point to stop in. What a treasure! In fact, what a treasure trove. Every nook and cranny chock full of good stuff, to buy and to sketch. The gracious proprietor, Donna Radke, hosted the Anacortes Sketchers today, and we enjoyed ourselves so much, it was hard to leave at closing time!

Left Bank Antiques Children's Boots by Jude Middleton

Aleli  Howell~ Left Bank Antiques

Judy Cole ~ Left Bank Antiques

Missy Walsh-Smith~ Left Bank Antiques

NancyVogel ~ Left Bank Antiques

Aleli  Howell~ Left Bank Antiques

Left Bank Antique Suitcases by Jude Middleton

Can you guess where the "party" started? There were chairs close by to sit on, some sunlight and this stack of leather luggage was in a "sweet spot."

I, on the other hand, had been working, and arrived late, so got just under an hour in to sketch. Had to hurry to join the party, and found a little watering can on the edge of the luggage setting. It was great fun, and we loved Left Bank Antiques. Donna served tea, and, as an artist of merit herself, she enjoyed seeing our sketches, which pleased us, because we would love to go back to Left Bank Antiques! See you there? (Dee Doyle)

Dee Doyle~ Left Bank Antiques

Dee Doyle~ Left Bank Antiques 


  1. You go, Ladies!
    Aleli, your little horse sketch is delightful in character. Your use of cools really set it off.
    All the suitcases are great. Interesting to see all the versions. Nice work, all!

  2. These are great. The old coffee pot has beautiful colors and highlights! Love the shoes and suitcases.