Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Sketches from ASk Sketchers

Aleli Howell ~ Keystone Building

Aleli Howell~ Compass Rose

Aleli Howell ~ Marine Hardware

Aleli Howell~ Marine Hardware

Marine Hardware Boots by Jude Middleeton

Marine Hardware Lamp by Jude Middleton
Dee Doyle~ Gere-a-Deli  
Dee Doyle~~ Gere-a-Deli

Dee Doyle ~ Gere-a-Deli
Missy asked for more entries.  We're working on it.  Today, several of us got together, and I was able to photograph recent works of a few of the "charter" bunch of sketchers, and add a few of my own from Presidents' Day.  We're about caught up now. (Dee Doyle)

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