Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday Mini Meet at Left Bank Antiques

Where have all the ASk Sketchers gone?  Three stalwart sketchers, Jude Middleton, Judy C and Jane, met and sketched with Left Bank properietor, Donna Radtke, doing some great pieces as always, and I joined them around four pm for a couple of quick sketches of my own.  Missy is in Hawaii, filling her sketchbook, Aleli had been painting with me in class earlier in the day, Nancy was home cleaning [!] [showing appointment], and who knows where everyone else was?  There is still so much more to sketch at Left Bank Antiques, we intend to go back next Monday for more special gems to to paint and draw.  Another sweet incentive to go to Left Bank Antiques is the generosity and gracious hosting provided by Donna.  She greeted us with cups of tea and "biscuits," a nice touch for a late afternoon!(Dee Doyle)

Group shot
Jude Middleton~  a vignette from upstairs

Donna' Radtkes fruit basket done as she tended the front desk

A baby christening dress by Jane Brodie

Chocolate pot from France by Judy Cole

The "wrong" side of a pot of tulips from where I was sitting in order to chat! by Dee Doyle

Quick sketch of Jude Middleton while we were visiting by Dee Doyle

The following are a few sketches that didin't make the blog last week ...

by Donna Radtke

Another by Donna Radtke

by Jude Middleton

By Jane Brodie
Another by Jane Brodie

by Jude Middleton

by Judy Cole
All in all, a rather prolific group and some good times.  Thanks again, Donna!  We'll be back!


  1. Aloha!! Wow-great work, Sketchers!!
    I'm sketching daily!!
    See you soon! Missy

  2. Mai-tais and umbrellas? Sketch 'em then drink ...