Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunny Afternoon at Left Bank Antiques

The time was right and the temp was tolerable, and the sun was warm, so the sketchers sat in the Left Bank courtyard full of fun antique garden ornaments and tools to sketch and paint. Missy, Nancy, Julie, Aleli, Jan, Jane, Jude M and Judy C were all there, basking and sketching when I arrived. They were just about ready to pack up when I was finally able to start a little sketch. It was good to get the fresh air, but it really wasn't warm enough to stay for long. But, the Anacortes Sketchers, all but me, got some great little pieces done well and quickly. The results are below. (Dee Doyle)

Missy by Nancy Vogel

Hanging Bike ~ Missy Walsh-Smith

Garden Sink from France ~ Missy Walsh-Smith

Wheelbarrow ~ Jude Middleton

Some white wrought iron patio furniture ~ Jude Middleton

Janice Veal painting her version of the wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow ~ Janice Veal

Jane Brodie ~ Ready to go ~ Her wheelbarrow finished

Jane Brodie's Wheelbarrow

Judy Cole brought cookies but chose to sit inside

Judy Cole's Vintage Blouse

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