Monday, October 20, 2014

Gordon's Skagit Farms

Fastest sketchers in the PNW, "The Originals" of ASk
All the way north to Gordon's Skagit Farm I saw heavy dark clouds, getting heavier looking and darker the closer I came. I wondered how many sketchers would be there. No worries, by the time I arrived there were a carload or two and more trickled in as the time ran on.

Always something new, always something happening at Gordons'
Then the chefs arrived! All dressed up in their white chef coats, a group from Skagit Valley College Culinary Department came to pick their ingredients for the week. They even had film documentation taking place. Did you know that you could have a gourmet lunch at SVC on Wednesdays and Thursdays for a very reasonable price, made especially tasty by the culinary chefs and their students?
Back: Emily, Kalena, Jerlyn, Anne-Front:Michele, Jane, Missy, Aleli

Meanwhile, we all continued sketching and here you can see the happy results!
Check back this week as we upload more closeups of the work we did today.
Join us next week as we revisit Gordons'. See our schedule.
There's so much to sketch, you just can't do it in one visit alone!


  1. Thanks for posting, Michele! A fun afternoon!

    1. You're welcome, Missy. So amazing, the way Gordon's sets up their farm this time of year. Great day with ASk!