Monday, July 27, 2015

LaConner and the New Boardwalk

There was a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 23rd at the Washington Street-end to celebrate the completion of the La Conner Boardwalk. Today, the Anacortes Sketchers went there to sketch and explore.
LaConner has always been an inspiring place to paint: quaint shops, the "rainbow bridge", fishing vessels and the boardwalk. I have been going there for decades to shop, sketch and browse. Previously, the boardwalk consisted of the extended decks from some of the shops and a small wooden landing or two with public access. But now, a major facelift has taken place all along a substantial part of the waterfront.
I have to go back! Because, instead of sketching the boardwalk itself, I blithely used it to provide greater access to views across the channel!
Fish processing shed across the channel. Sketch by Michele Cooper

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