Monday, July 6, 2015

Sketching Coupeville with ASk

Flowers on the porch at Seaside Spa, empty wine bottle/mussel shells from dinner, Aqua Gifts on Front Street
I can remain standing on the sidewalk while I sketch and paint.
I drove around the long way (about 70 miles one way) to meet up with The Anacortes sketchers today. It was the day after the Fourth of July weekend and there was an unusually large amount of traffic all the way from Marysville to my destination.

You drive around Penn Cove, famous for the freshest mussels anywhere, and come to Coupeville, this great little village with flowers on every doorstep and cool sea breezes mixing with delicious aromas from the waterfront bars and bistros.
Once I got there, I had to spend a little more time looking for parking since the town was also unusually busy. I finally settled on this spot in the shade on a side street, with a view of "Aqua Gifts" on the east end of Front Street. Couldn't wait to get started sketching with my Micron pen and my Pentalic Aqua Journal. I added watercolor with my Van Gogh kit.
There were sketchers all along the waterfront and even up the hill a block or two. Everyone enjoyed their own way of exploring the town, sketching, visiting, shopping, etc. At the end of the day, some of us went into Toby's for a cold drink and fresh Penn Cove Mussels. I got a pound of fresh mussels to take home and steam for dinner tonight. They turned out great!

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